Four Season Cyclist.

Getting cycling time in the winter can be incredibly difficult sometimes.  With the weather as unpredictable as it can be in SW Ohio, the indoor trainer sounds better and better.  Don't give into it though.  Sell the trainer.  Get outside.

Surly Ice Cream Truck riding the river.

With the popularity of fat bikes and also gravel riding in the past couple years, there is no excuse as to why you are not riding outdoors in the winter.  With fat bikes, you can ride almost whatever you can think of.  Trails too wet to ride?  No problem.  Ride spots that normal bikes would have no chance on.  Like sandy beaches around our local lakes.  Or the muddy flats of the local rivers and waterways.  Sure it is not an hour climbing sufferfest, but you are riding outside, that's what matters.


Another great option for the outdoors this time of year is gravel riding.  There are a ton of gravel options for our area, which only require a short drive.  The great thing about gravel is that it doesn't matter what the trail conditions are.  It doesn't matter how much rain we have gotten.  Gravel roads don't care.  It might be a little muddy, but gravel is perfect this time of year.  And again, you are riding outside!

Gravel roads don't care about the recent rains.

This time of year, the most important aspect for cycling this time of year is to be properly dressed.  Wear the right amount of layers, and also be prepared for any type of weather.  It's always good to carry rain gear on any cycling excursion, and this season is no different.  The main thing though, is that you are outside, forgoing the dreaded basement trainer.  That is all that matters!

Get Outside Cincinnati!