It's amazing how different each winter in Ohio can be.  Some winters are brutally cold, with snow measured in feet; other are eerily warm, snow replaced with rain, causing drastic flooding throughout the area.  This year has been extremely warm and wet, wrecking havoc on the local single track.  Luckily with the addition of a fat bike to the stable, riding is still happening even in this wet arena.

Riding the Little Miami River.

I need to remember that every ride is a ride.  Sometimes I get pulled into the thought that a ride is only acceptable is it takes a few hours and covers half the state.  That is nonsense.  Every ride is awesome, case in point was this one.  Utilizing the fat tires, I was riding the river bank searching for new areas.

Surly Ice Cream Truck.

After exploring some new to me areas, and finding quite a bit of hidden muddy single track, it was time for refreshments.  I didn't choose the bike drinking life, the bike drinking life chose me.


Get Outside Cincinnati!