Riding into the New Year!

One of my resolutions every year is to be more active.  I try to keep it general, as there are a few outdoor pursuits that I try to participate in.  This year, the big resolution is to ride more, and specifically ride more in the dirt.  Mountain biking has been a big part of what I do, so after purging the road bike I am forcing myself to get more single track time in. 

For the new year, I started before the sun at Alum Creek phase 2 just north of Columbus with fellow bike blogger and IG superstar David.

New Year's Day riding before the sun.

You can always tell when it's a great ride, when there is only one picture to prove it happened.  Alum Creek was nice and frozen, giving great traction for the morning.  Half the ride was in the dark, and the temperature never jumped above 30°.  After meeting a while back and chatting bikes, it was nice to get a ride in with David.  Super cool dude, check him out on  Instagram or buy a custom built bag off of his Facebook site.

Keeping up with the riding plan, this morning I found myself riding south on the bike trail to Milford, to ride what I like to call the Milford Classic.  Usually, I ride Terrell Park then connect to nearby Valley View Preserve.  Today however it was Terrell Park connecting with the new Carriage Park trail.

Single track, down by the river.

Terrell Park's main loop was in great shape, although the lower trail was covered with debris from the recently flooded Little Miami River.  A quick road section connects these two trails and the new trail starts near the American Legion.  Running alongside the Little Miami, the trail turns and climbs out of the river valley and into Carriage Park.  Tight turns, narrow single track, and a great climb makes this an interesting little side trail that leads to a great view.

Carriage Park overlook of the Little Miami River.

An hour and a half ride today, again with temperatures staying under 30°, is a great way to start the day.  I feel that I have finally figured out cold weather layering, which is making this time of year a great time to ride.  Hopefully this resolution will be easy to keep!

Get Outside Cincinnati!