Quick Fix Hike.

While spending all day in the woods is talked about on all of the adventure websites, and different brands and retailers tell you that you need to do something "epic," I am a big fan of exploring local.  Sure, it would be amazing to spend a month in an exotic location, but sometimes all you need is just a quick nature fix.  Case in point was this evening.

Nature's Playground.

Kelley Nature Preserve fits this purpose perfectly.  The perimeter loop is only a mile, with a few different interior trails as well to mix it up if you so please.  

Little Miami River.

"But is it epic Brah?"

No, not at all.  In this world of Red Bull epic adventures, we could all use more places like Kelley Nature Preserve.  Do my kids whine and complain that we are not in a place that's only in magazines?  Absolutely not.  They love every minute of being outside, and that is what's important.  

Adventure Kids, doing what they do...

Adventure is everywhere, so go get it.  Explore local while you're at it.

Get Outside Cincinnati!