Winter Hiking in Ohio.

Hiking in Ohio during the Winter can be a mixed bag of tricks.  Some years there is a foot of snow; others like this El Nino year are relatively warmer.  The key to Winter hiking in Ohio however, is to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature can throw at you.  Before heading out for a big day after Christmas family hike, weather reports were checked and proper rain gear was packed away.  

Umbrella hiking.

Before even arriving at the trail head, rain started to come down in buckets.  Once arriving at East Fork though, the rain was light, so out of the cars we went and into the woods.  The trail was muddy, but with umbrellas and rain coats we were out enjoying the silence of the woods.  After quite a bit of holiday festivities cooped up in the house, it was nice to get out into nature, even if it were raining.

After a stretch of muddy trail, a bush-whacking shortcut, and some great views of the lake, we were back to our cars in just under two miles.  Hikes like these are the best.  

Hiking in the rain got me like.... Rainy portrait by Melanie.

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