Ride What You Like.

Lately, I read an article from a major outdoor publication, basically talking about how you should enjoy the aspects of the outdoors that you really enjoy, and do them more.  Being somewhat of a filler piece, it did however get me thinking about what I am doing with my cycling time.  Cycling is a huge part of who I am, but am I doing what I want with my time on two wheels?

I have always been a mountain biker.  From my early days on a bicycle, from when the training wheels were off I was either riding in the woods or tearing up some gravel roads.  Back then, it was not called gravel grinding by the way, it was just riding your bike.  Well done on that one cycling industry.  Anyway, mountain biking has always been the main way that I spend my free time.  This year however, I got away from that.

Road biking has always been intriguing to me.  Earlier this year I purchased a Salsa Colossal, and while it was an awesome bike, road riding just seemed boring to me.  I did quite a bit of riding on it, but I was never as content with the ride as I am after every dirt session.  This week after some email correspondence, I agreed to trade my road bike for something more dirt worthy:

Raleigh XXIX.

The Raleigh XXIX is a steel hardtail 29er.  This model comes equipped with a Fox suspension fork, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and the interesting Gates Carbon belt drive single speed drivetrain.  The non-chain is super silent, leaves no greasy mess, and supposedly lasts longer than any chain on the market.  Time will tell on that one.

Gates Carbon Drive.

With this addition, I feel that my bike stable is finally complete.  My Fargo has been enjoying some road action, complete with front rack and canvas bags.  My Ice Cream Truck has me pushing the boundaries of what a mountain bike can really do.  This new 29er will be perfect for days where I am not exploring sketchy terrain, but wanting to stick to the single track and ride faster than a fat bike.  

Now it's time to get out and enjoy more of what makes me happy in my cycling world.  Hope you do some of the same.  Ride what you like.

Get Outside Cincinnati!