Tested: Mobi Growler.

In the coming months, I will be re-visiting some of my earlier gear reviews.  These pieces of gear are still being used and abused, so therefore, tested.

When it comes to taking beer on an adventure, sometimes that can prove to be a difficult task.  A can or three works well in a backpack, but what about times when more beer is needed around the campfire?  Growlers of craft beer are amazing, but the bulk of glass growler is annoying, not to mention very fragile.  That's where Mobi-Growler comes in.  All the beer, just without the potential broken glass growler on the trail!

Mobi-Growler is a flexible, BPA free plastic growler that holds the normal 64oz. of craft beer gold in it's shatterproof body.  No more worrying about broken glass, light pollution, or bulky empty growlers when it's time to hike home.  Once the beer is gone the Mobi-Growler folds flat, or could be rolled up to take up a small amount of space.  Not to mention it weighs just a few ounces once empty.  

Mobi-Growler is a great investment for your outdoor craft beer adventures.  I have used this growler quite a bit, not only for beer but also for water.  One minor issue is that the growler needs to stay cold, which could be a little difficult while on the trail.  This is an issue with any growler I might add.  To combat this, I have used small, soft sided cooler bags and have been happy with the outcome.  Overall, I enjoy the Mobi-Growler.  Be sure to check out them out on Facebook!

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