Cody Sowers, Founder

I bet if I think real hard, I can remember my very first pair of shoes....

My first outdoor experience came pretty early on.  I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, here in the great state of Ohio.  Living in the country had it's perks;  You could see the Milky Way regularly.  My playground was the acres and acres of woods surrounding our family property.  Trails were everywhere, and they were explored almost daily.

Years after college, and a stint out West, I found myself in the Cincinnati area.  Once again, it was time to explore.  This region was up to it's gills in outdoor adventures, but for some reason nothing was written online about it.  After a long, venting, soapbox session at my place of employment about the lack thereof, a friend asked the simple question:  "Why don't you start something online?"  Fantastic idea.

Stick around for a bit, I think things might start to get interesting.

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